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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RGV Zeitgeist Movement Meeting 7 Announcement

The Rio Grande Valley Zeitgeist Movement will hold its seventh general meeting on Wednesday December 1st, from 6-8pm in Room J 1.208 at the South Texas College Pecan campus. We will be hosted by the Zeitgeist Movement student organization at STC.

This will be one of our most significant meetings we have held, as we will be discussing planning and logistics of the upcoming McAllen Artwalk promotions we will be doing this Friday. Please bring examples of the flyers, artwork, tshirt designs, banners and other items that you plan to bring so that we can help plan and organize our resources. This will be our first major outreach event as an organization, and I believe we will be very successful at reaching others with our message and ideas about a resource based economy.

We will also be discussing progress regarding venues for the screening of the upcoming Zeitgeist Moving Forward film. In addition, we will start organizing a promotional campaign for the film, both individually and as coordinated group efforts. This upcoming Artwalk activity will help define how receptive the area is and be instructive in how to reach the people in our community.

In addition, we will continue to discuss ways in which we should articulate responses to questions and criticisms of our movement and goals. There are many people who do not understand what we want to accomplish, and some who are even confused about or afraid of what we stand for. We will be looking at some of the available material online that helps us answer these concerns.

All are welcome to join us, and I hope you bring your family and friends so that they can discover what we are about and how we hope to help make our society and our world a better place for all people. Thank you for your time and attention.