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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Notes on our Ninth Meeting

Date: Wednesday January 5th, 2011
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Location: Private Residence in Mission, TX
Attendance: 12

Update: Our friends at RGV No State Project are graciously hosting the audio recordings of this and previous meetings.

The Rio Grande Valley Zeitgeist Movement held it's 10th general meeting this week, and was graciously hosted once again by Ray Perez at his home in Mission. Once again, we were provided with a pleasant and intimate environment, with food and beverage provided by several of our members. Even after our stated agenda had been completed, we found ourselves spending even more time engaging in interesting discourse and enjoying some great food and dessert. It was a truly a great pleasure.

We were able to work our way through the stated agenda, including making plans for Friday's Art Walk and sharing designs for flyers and tickets that we will be handing out during that event. In addition, we made final plans for our Zeitgeist Moving Forward screenings in Edinburg and McAllen. There was discussion and planning made for a New Member Orientation meeting to be held during the week of the screenings to help receive new members who join. We also came up with some more structural and content related plans for our upcoming New Member Information Packet, and started to contemplate a New Member DVD. Some of the newer things we discussed were having a meeting in the Harlingen area for those members who are unable to travel to the McAllen area. If you live in the lower valley and are interested in facilitating or attending such a meeting, please contact us or join in our discussion group to lend voice to your community. We hope to start reaching new areas in the RGV, and the sooner the better. One of our last topics of discussion was the After Hours Music Concert that will take place on January 14th. Thanks to the efforts of one of our members, we have been allowed to setup an information table and distribute literature and information to those in attendance. This will be a great opportunity to help direct people to our movement and our screenings and an exciting development for our cause.

Our next meeting will likely be a private meeting to screen the Zeitgeist Moving Forward after we acquire it from Peter Joseph. More details will be made available on or after January 11th. This will be our last meeting before the music concert and the screening, so those two events will likely be the focus at that time. Thanks again to everyone who has helped us get this far, and for continuing to work for a better world for all people.

Attendees of our ninth meeting.