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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Announcing Rio Grande Valley Zeitgeist Movement Meeting 14

The Rio Grande Valley Zeitgeist Movement will hold its fourteenth meeting on Wednesday, March 9th at 6pm at South Texas College, Building H, room 231. We will be hosted by the STC chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement student organization.

This meeting will be focused on Z-Day planning, scheduling, logistics and advertisement. We will finalize our scheduled speakers, presenters, performers and video selections. We will also spend time distributing and posting flyers on campus. We will also discuss planning for our after event meeting for any new members who wish to join us at subsequent meetings.

Our Z-Day plans are coming together quite well so far and I wish to thank all of you for your time, effort, contributions and talents that you have put forth in this effort to reach our community. I look forward to a successful event and to see all of you there.