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Friday, March 2, 2012

30 Days of Zeitgeist - Day 22

Technology Entertainment Design, or TED, is an organization that brings together interesting people from all over the world, and allows them to present ideas, experiences and performances with those who can afford to attend. In recent years, they have been posting the videos of these presentations online for all to see. Just this week, two different presentations were made at this year's event that both talk about the possibilities of an abundance based future, and the inevitable collapse of our current social and economic structures. One video appeals to optimism, to historical and technological trends, the growing efficiency of production and resource extraction and many positive developments made in recent months and years. The other video depicts a dark future, filled with chaos, depression, collapse and death. It recognizes that the current trajectory of humanity is headed towards global catastrophe, and will likely bring with it great upheaval and change, and that many people will suffer while going through it. While many people see these two presentations as diametrically opposed, many in the Zeitgeist Movement would recognize the common truth of both messages. If humanity is going to survive for any significant length of time, we will have to both change our current methods of organizing society, and develop the technologies necessary to produce access abundance. The TED presentation archives are filled with amazing and compelling videos, and I encourage you to search through their catalog to find something of interest to you, and begin to learn more about the world in which we live, and how we can all help make it better for all people.