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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Attending the Environmental Awareness Club's Earthfest 2013 Event

The Environmental Awareness Club of UTPA is hosting a series of events for this Earth Week, and has graciously invited the Rio Grande Valley Zeitgeist Movement to attend their Earth Fest event! On Thursday, April 25th, from 12 to 1, we will tabling at their information area on the UTPA Library lawn. We will be distributing information about the Zeitgeist Movement, giving the One Planet Project quiz, and engaging the community with the ideas of a resource based economy and a better world for all people. As we celebrate and contemplate the only planet that the entire human family shares, it is imperative that we recognize the major factors affecting the environment and our society as a whole and work to address them with technical solutions that we have available. We are thankful for the EAC for the invitation, and we hope to see you there!